Marijuana Shortage after Hurricane Sandy has Yankee Pot Dealers Driving South For Supplies

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, street marijuana supplies in New York and New Jersey have reached their lowest levels ever, and panicked drug dealers are having to come to Texas and California to replenish.
The activity is stimulating the economies of both states, but may also be the cause of weed shortages reported locally.
“I ain’t been able to cop a bud in two weeks” one stoner in Pasadena reported, “My guy I normally get it from says it’s bone dry. All the Yankees has been buying it all up.”
Spot checks in New York City have prices over $100 for a one-quarter ounce bag of “dirt weed” – a commercial grade of pot which typically sells in Texas for $20-25.
“Primo” is selling for two to three times as much, if and when it can be found.
“I ran out of weed, looking for weed” one woman told a CNN news reporter.  “How do they expect us to survive?”
Compounding the problem is a shortage of beer and liquor in storm-affected areas.
There have been reports of six-packs of beer being sold for $25-30, and cheap grade whiskey at $100 per bottle.

A couple of Jersey girls on a recent visit...


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