Copper Thieves Busted By Coppers

Galveston County Sheriff’s deputies caught a father-and-son theft team after witnesses spotted them stealing copper wire.

Copper is becoming the new silver. Don't cash in your pennies, they're already worth 3 cents each!

Shortly after noon on Dec. 27th, deputies were called to the 2100 block of Keystone in Port Bolivar after residents spotted two men reportedly taking copper grounding wires from electrical service poles in the area.  Residents reportedly watched the two suspects as they appeared to randomly stop at poles, tearing the grounding wires away from poles and piling the wire in an SUV they were driving.
Deputies started checking the area and soon spotted the vehicle. They then stopped the two suspects, one of whom ran from the scene.  Other deputies and Pct. 6 Constable’s deputies responded to assist, apprehending the second suspect hiding in tall grass in the 2100 block of Front Street.
Albert Leon Harvey, 50, and William Louis Harvey, 29, both of Galveston, were taken into custody and charged with Felony Theft.
Workers called to make repairs to the damage the pair did identified over 20 poles that required replacement of grounding wires as a result of the theft.
Do the scrap dealers who buy from copper thieves know they are buying wire stolen at great cost to the public? Probably. Do they care? Doubt it.

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