Protected Witness Getting Settled In

Salvadore “Little Sharky” Moro, a witness against organized crime figures, has just been accepted by the Federal Witness Protection Program operated by the US Marshall.
Moro is best known for his testimony in the trial of Jose Canusi, convicted in a gangland loitering incident in 2009. A mafia “contract” worth hundreds of dollars was placed on his life. As part of the deal Moro will receive a sex change operation, a new name, a new address, and a job.

Sharkey Moro at the time of his arrest, from his Facebook page.

Moro’s new name is Donatella Nobodi. He will be relocated to 3712 5th Street in San Leon, and will be working as a pole dancer at the Silver Slipper Cabaret in Tiki Island.
Moro spent years as a “runner” for various track teams before joining the Mafia Reserve in 1996. He worked his way up until by 2002, he was the Mafia’s number one jaywalker.
He turned states evidence early in 2007 to avoid sentencing on an unpaid parking ticket, and immediately started “naming names” of persons whose names were listed in local telephone directories.
Congratulations to Moro on being selected for this prestigious government program, and best of luck.

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