Medicinal Pothead Wins Case

A civil jury in Houston has cleared a San Leon resident of federal charges stemming from his use of “medicinal” marijuana.
Joe C. Blount was charged after Dr. Myron Quentin prescribed marijuana to treat a severe case of dandruff. Prosecutors described Blount as a “rabid, viperous, pot-crazed sex fiend”, while defense attorney Charlie Hanker portrayed his client as an innocent victim and upstanding member of the community. He described to jurors how Blount “goes by the church 3 or 4 times a day” – but was refuted on cross-examination when state prosecutors pointed out that he has never stopped, only driven past.

Joe Blount

In the end, the jury, composed entirely of homeless elderly tattoo artists, decided that  Blount was innocent, and all charges were dismissed.
On hearing of the verdict, Dr. Quentin told Gator Press “What paper are you with? The Mainland Press? …hmmmm – never heard of it… no comment.” Dr. Quentin is facing a separate case in which he may lose his license to fish.

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