Miniature Capsule Will Carry Deadly Germs Across The Universe

A 125 lb. capsule will be sent on a journey though space to distant solar systems in hopes of someday curing dreaded diseases.
The distance the capsule will travel will take a minimum of 300 years. When the capsule arrives, it will make itself known to any inhabitants of the Omega 2 solar system by emitting radio, light, and audio signals.
Astronomers have long believed that Omega 2 is the most likely known solar system to be inhabited by intelligent beings.
Inside the capsule aliens will find samples of incurable diseases such as SARS, AIDS, and Ebola. Pictures depicting symptoms and a map showing where Earth is located will also be included. It is hoped some distant civilization will someday arrive with cures to these deadly germs.
The capsule is the brainchild of Egdar Woji, a world famous NASA phlebotomist.

Germs from Earth will travel millions of miles through the universe in search of a cure.

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