San Leon Prepares For Spring Break

Spring’s in the air, and sunny San Leon is gearing up for several visitors to descend on its bars for spring break 2013, which officially kicks off March 9.

“Spring break is usually a good indicator of how our summer tourism season will go, so it’s very important to San Leon for that reason,” said Mayor Keith Heinz. “There will be a couple of college kids who get lost on their way to Galveston, but it’s not the big college parties that you see in others areas like Galveston or Alvin.  Mostly we get the hard core drinkers and two or three beer drinking fishermen.”

Meanwhile, local drinking establishments are sprucing up in anticipation of the annual rite of spring, and for good reason: the weekend translates into a few extra bucks.

During last year’s spring break, San Leon’s bars generated $2.4 thousand in revenue, a 22 percent increase from 2011, according to the mayor’s office.

Spring Break in San Leon

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