Bold Teen Saves His Family From Death in Webster Home Invasion

We received this press release today from Webster Texas Police:

Webster Home Invasion
CASE # 13-00536

On Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at approximately 11:10 am, officers responded to the 18400 block of Anne Dr. in reference to a report of a “Man with a Gun”.  Upon arrival in the area, officers located and detained one W/M suspect.  A second suspect (B/M) was observed leaving in a maroon colored truck. That vehicle was later contacted in Dickinson where he was taken into custody, along with a third individual who it was later determined not to have been involved in the crimes.



This incident started out around 4:30 am Wednesday morning as a “home invasion” where the suspects took the three residents; a mother, female teenage daughter and male juvenile son, hostage.  During this “home invasion”, the two female victims were allegedly sexually assaulted by the W/M suspect. The W/M suspect was armed with a handgun but the B/M was unarmed. The suspects then tied up all three residents and around 8 am drove them to a field in Alvin. During the trip they stopped to buy two cans of beer at a store. They were then driven to a secluded area and walked into a field to be killed.  The W/M suspect gave the B/M suspect his weapon and told him to shoot the three hostages. The B/M suspect refused and since he had control of the weapon the W/M had no choice but to cooperate with him. The suspects then drove to another store and bought beer for themselves and soft drinks for the hostages. They then returned the victims to the residence on Anne Dr. to help dispose of any evidence left there.  At this point the male juvenile victim was able to get free and arm himself with a handgun, which the family had.  He then confronted the suspects who fled the scene.

With the assistance of several civilian neighbors the police officers, who arrived in less than one minute, were able to chase the W/M suspect several blocks where he was apprehended hiding in some tall grass next to a house under construction.

The B/M fled the scene in the W/M’s truck abandoning him at the scene.  He then picked up a friend and went to a store in Dickinson to purchase more beer. A Dickinson Police officer observed the vehicle we had broadcasted as a wanted vehicle and detained it along with the two occupants for Webster officers.

The females were taken to the hospital and upon examination were found to be uninjured physically.

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has taken the following charges on the two suspects:

Jacobson, Charles Allen III   
DOB 01/24/1980
2 counts Agg Sexual Assault
2 counts Agg Kidnapping

Barnett, James Ellis 
DOB 01/11/1957
1 count Agg Robbery
2 counts Agg Kidnapping



If those seeking to take away our right to own firearms for self protection had their way, this story would be titled “Family Found Slaughtered In Webster.”   As long as guns exist, the “bad guys” are going to have them.  This incident clearly illustrates the need to own firearms and train the family how to use them.  Incidentally, if the family gun had been locked in any way, it would have been useless in this case.  It’s a good thing the gun was there, that the kid knew where to find it, and that he knew what to do with it.  (GATOR)

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