It Really Happened…

Giant Ring Of Marijuana Smoke Discovered In Space
NASA astronomers have something new to look upon in the night sky, courtesy of marijuana smokers from around the world.
Sky-watchers have spotted a faint ring of gray marijuana smoke orbiting our planet.
The ring extends about half way to the moon and can only be seen through a telescope at this time.
NASA Public Affairs spokesperson Kimberly Burke issued a statement which read in part::
“We know the gas giant planets–Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all have rings. Now our own planet has a small ring too.”
NASA scientists performed mass spectrographs on the ring and made the astonishing discovery during March.
“When someone exhales a puff of marijuana smoke, the smoke just keeps going up in the sky – apparently all the way to outer space” said Dr. Harold Druller of the Johnson Space Center’s research staff.
Astronomers believe the ring is growing every day and it will soon be visible without a telescope.

Illegal Aliens Caught Crossing Border Using Circus Cannon
In an item that qualifies for the Just When You Thought You’d Heard It All Department comes some astounding news from the city country music singer Marty Robbins sang about in his hit “El Paso.”
A member of the United States Border Patrol has informed Gator Press that he recently discovered a brand new method by which illegal aliens are entering into the U.S.
The agent said that  while he was patrolling an area down by the Rio Grande, the river that separates Texas from Mexico, he spotted a long, bright shiny object. As he looked through his binoculars he noticed that the object appeared to be a cannon, like the ones used by circus performers.
The agent said that as he sat and surveyed the situation intently, the cannon suddenly resonated with a loud boom and he actually saw a man, who appeared to be about 5-foot-2-inches tall, shoot out of the cannon and fly over the river onto the U.S. side.
The agent quickly followed the human cannonball and saw him as he hurried to get out of a huge mobile safety net that had been set up among some bushes on the US side.
The officer tried to follow him but the human cannonball jumped on the back of a waiting Harley Davidson which drove off at a high rate of speed toward New Mexico.
Officials from Mexico’s Bureau of Border Relations were asked by U.S. Immigration officials to investigate the huge cannon.
They reported that they thoroughly searched the area, and could not locate the so called circus cannon anywhere.

New Study Reveals That New Studies Are Overrated
A recent study conducted at the University of Texas has concluded that studies are really not that informative and that those who study studies, though studious, studied too much.
Speaking from his study, Professor Jason Barlow, who studied studies while a student at  East Texas Truckers Academy said:
“Studying studies, especially new studies is stupendous however, to be honest, after a few days another study, a newer study, replaces the former study, thus making the original new study no longer new; just a study.
“I confirm and concur that this new study that studied new studies is correct, however, since this article was written and subsequently published, that new study is no longer new and has undoubtedly been replaced by a newer more up to date study.”

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