Galveston “Nightcrawler” arrested for Felony Stalking

“A stalker tries to control his or her victim through behavior or threats intended to intimidate and terrify. A stalker can be an unknown person, an acquaintance or a former intimate partner. A stalker’s state of mind can range from obsessive love to obsessive hatred. A stalker may follow a victim off and on for a period of days, weeks, or even years. A stalking victim feels reasonable fear of bodily injury or death to self or to a family or household member or damage to property. Stalking can be perpetrated by the stalker or by someone acting on his behalf.  Stalking can take the form of verbal threats or threats conveyed by the stalker’s conduct, threatening mail, property damage, surveillance of the victim, or by following the victim.”    (Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott)


Matthew Eric Martinez, who prefers to call himself “the Nightcrawler” first came to our attention when he requested to be Facebook friends with one of our employees.
Soon after accepting the friend request, the employee noticed that Martinez was posting alarming and threatening messages, directed at a female or females.
Here are a few examples:

“I feel like breaking somebody’s jaw in half and watch ‘em bleed to death, I have that much anger built up from females.”
“I feel like going on a hurting spree.”
“I feel like fucking somebody up!”
“I feel angry I can’t find a girl that will like me for who I am… I feel like snapping I cannot calm down until I get what I want!”
“Females are nothing but lying ass cheating hoes that fuck every guy they see and I hate waiting for the right one I want a bitch right now not 20 years from now!”

He was also posting messages indicating he was suicidal, or at least seeking sympathy:

“I wonder what it would feel like if I shot myself square in the center of my face.”
“My chest is still hurting from hitting myself in the chest ten times hard with the bottom of a metal bat.”
“I wish that I would have died when my Dad did.”

At the beginning of the year, he wrote:  “I feel angry this new year is really gonna be sorry and no good!!!”

Then his messages started to get specific, apparently directed at a particular female:
“I swear to God that I hate your guts and if it was illegal I would punch you in your face and I wouldn’t stop either.”
“I fucking hate you bitch!”
“I am not gonna wait for the right girl that will take too fucking long. I am gonna have to start being abusive in order to get what I want since no females wanna date me you fucking stupid bitch!”

Apologies appeared, apparently also directed to this person:
“I am sorry for ever harassing you in any kind of way I am sorry please all I ask is for your forgiveness please I beg you.”

In all of this Facebook posting done by Matthew, the person to whom all of this was directed never replied.

Reading his posts over several months was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  This disturbed man, who apparently idolizes serial killers, admits to having some issues with the female sex.  In one post, he describes how it hurt when his mother abandoned him at age five. His life and mental state are the actual textbook description of a serial killer.

We wondered: Who was this female that Matthew was so angry with? Did she know what kind of danger she was in? Was it all just a bunch of internet bravado, or was this person actually serious? Was the victim an ex-lover or girlfriend?

Then, on May 20th, we noticed that the Galveston Police Department had arrested Matthew Eric Martinez, age 21, on Felony Stalking charges.  His bail was set at $100,000.  Could it be the same Matthew Martinez who called himself Nightcrawler?

It was.  It turns out Matthew was as busy offline as he had been on Facebook.

He was infatuated and deeply in love with a teenage student who he had never even met.  It turns out that the victim has never spoken to Matthew, either by phone, text, or in person.  She wouldn’t recognize him if he walked up to her.

She has received notes left on her car. Her car has been egged. Someone carved the word “bitch” into the side of her car.
Her tires have been flattened twice. Matthew called her place of after-school employment asking questions about the victim, a call which the employee who answered described as “very creepy.”

In fact, Matthew’s infatuation with this child spiraled out of control, and a member of his family felt it necessary to notify the police.  The family member told officers that they feared for the safety of a young woman, but could not give officers her last name. The relative told police that Matthew had admitted to entering the victim’s fenced yard at night time, peeping into windows and listening, and reported that Matthew had threatened to harm the unknown young girl.

Unfortunately, police did not have a victim, so they could file no charges. A report was taken.

Then, the victim’s mother became aware of what Matthew had been up to on Facebook, and took her daughter down to the Galveston  police department to report it. They met with Detective Michelle Sollenberger, who worked the case.

She found that Matthew had secretly rented a room at a cousin’s house, located less than 100 feet from the victim’s house.  She found evidence that Martinez had been stalking the teenager online and in person on numerous occasions.

It was discovered that Matthew once had a girlfriend, when he attended Ball High School. Witnesses say he had violent shouting matches with her in the halls, and even beat her up.  She reportedly left town to get away from his abuse.

Based on all of the evidence, Sollenberger applied for a warrant and Martinez was arrested on May 20th.

Matthew is still sitting in jail trying to get out. According to a police report filed last week, the victim reported to police that members of Matthew’s family have been trying to intimidate her and her family, in order to prevent them from testifying.

I have no idea how this case is going to turn out when it goes to court. We live in a county where you can shoot someone, chop them up into twelve pieces, and not even face a charge of littering. On the other hand, we have a new District Attorney in Jack Roady who has pledged to get tough with violent offenders.

Because so much of the evidence is on Facebook, we shall also find out if our District Attorney’s office has any tech savvy. If they cut and run, it will be because they don’t.

Based on what I can see of this sicko, he is well along the path to becoming the next Ted Bundy. And the fact is, he would love it. It would make his sick dreams come true. It’s not against the law to admire serial killers. But recently in the state of Texas it has become a crime to stalk someone, especially an 80 lb. female teenage student who lives with her parents.
Offenders like this are exactly the reason we pay our government to build prisons. Not to “rehabilitate” these dangerous thugs, but to simply protect us from them.

Mark my words, when this man gets out of jail he will surely hurt someone.

When he does, whose fault will it be?


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