NYC Mayoral Candidate Weiner Will Stick It Out

Former Congressman and New York Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner had decided he will not withdraw early.
Weiner has been under intense scrutiny since it was revealed that he has been sending out pictures of his penis using the screen name “Carlos Danger” – a name trademarked by the Dos Equis man.

Anthony Weiner - NYC Mayoral Candidate

Last year, Weiner resigned from Congress when it was revealed that he had been sending sext messages to various women.
He went to a treatment program, but recent events seem to indicate that the candidate has resumed his former behavior.
According to a new poll, 40 percent of New Yorkers say they won’t vote for Anthony Weiner no matter what.
The rest say they’re going to wait until they see all the other candidates’ penises. It’s called comparison shopping.
Weiner released a statement saying in part “This behavior is behind me.” Then he added, “If you want to see more of what’s behind me, I’ll text you a pic.”
According to the polls, Anthony Weiner is still the favorite to become the next mayor of New York City. He has a firm lead and his popularity is swelling.
Meanwhile, the list of women who got sexy pics from Anthony Weiner keeps growing. As of now it’s a porn star, a single mom from Texas, a blackjack dealer, a Waffle House waitress, and a student from Seattle. Is this a sex scandal or is it the next cast of Survivor? ‘Survivor: Weiner Island’

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