April Fool Point Lovers Take The Plunge

On September 8th at 5am, approximately two hours before sunrise, Captain Steve Hoyland Jr. pulled his boat into the basin of the Top Water Grill at April Fool Point.  He was there to pick up his customers for a guided fishing trip.
When he turned to go into the basin, he noticed a 1-ton Dodge pickup truck parked and running with the headlights on by the new Palapa Bar.  The new bar is located on the bay side of the restaurant, across the canal.
Capt. Steve mentioned the truck to two other guides, Capt. Bob Leonard and Capt. John Pelzel, and cautioned them that they should keep an eye on that truck because they might be up to no good.
Before the customers arrived, the truck suddenly jumped into reverse, backed over the bulkhead, and fell 5 feet into the water. Capt. Bobby Elliott’s boat was the closest to the truck, so Capt. Steve jumped into Capt. Bobby’s boat with him to assist.
Coincidentally at that very moment, I called my son Capt. Steve to warn him about a lightning storm that was building up in the bay. As soon as he answered he hollered at me, “Call 911 Dad. There is a truck that ran off into the canal at Top Water Grill.”
I called 911 and got the Galveston County Sheriff’s Department on the way.
Meanwhile the two guides reached the truck, and found a naked man on the driver’s side trying to put on some clothes. When he got his underwear on, he rolled down his window and sat on the windowsill and yelled, “Who pushed my truck into the water?” Capt. Bobby’s boat came up to the passenger side, where the Captains saw a naked woman sitting there staring at them like a “deer in the headlights.” Steve shouted at the man to roll down the passenger side window.
He knew the batteries would quickly short out the electrical system and kill the power to the window. The driver got the passenger window down just as the truck started filling up with water. Steve grabbed the naked woman and pulled her into the boat, while the man walked across the roof of the truck and got into the boat.
The 2005 1-ton blue Dodge dually truck sunk all the way to the top of the cab. The woman’s clothes were floating in the water and they were able to grab her panties and t-shirt. They pulled the boat over to the bait camp and helped the man and woman out of the boat. The couple appeared to be under the influence of alcohol according to the three guides. The Sheriff’s department arrived along with San Leon Fire Department Assistant Chief Scottie Lyons.
The woman told the guides that she is related to a police officer and then she went to hide out in the bait camp.
She did not want to be recognized by the responders. Her drunken plan did not work. The Sheriff’s Department soon had both of the truck’s occupants do the “walk of shame” out to the middle of the parking lot. The officer had them sit down on the ground while he conducted his investigation.
The Seabreeze News will not reveal the names of the early morning lovers. They are married folks, although not to each other. They have been punished enough. Can you imagine having ten toes up and ten toes down in the front seat of a truck doing the belly bump with your special someone and the next thing you know you are floating in the bay?
There is never a dull moment in Sunny San Leon. Above is a picture of Capt. Steve Hoyland, Jr. fishing off of the cab of the truck while the early morning lovers are sitting on the ground watching.                                                     Steve Hoyland, Sr.

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