Shotgun Cat Killer Claims it was an act of compassion…


18 year-old Alexander Marsh of League City and his friend, 24 year-old Joseph Morgan of Highlands, have been charged with Animal Cruelty in Harris County. The incident occurred on Riverside Street near the San Jacinto River in eastern Harris County on January 20th. Witnesses told police that Marsh threw a cat up into the air, and Morgan cut loose with a shotgun. The cat was blasted about 20 feet through the air, hit the ground, and reportedly struggled for some time before finally dying.
Morgan has not denied any of the above, however, he told deputies that the act was one of compassion, that the pair had found an old, sick stray cat, and decided to euthanize him using the shotgun method.
He later told a somewhat different story – that he could not afford to take the cat to a vet for treatment of an eye injury.

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