Dickinson Man Calls 9-1-1 to report Domino’s Won’t Deliver to Him

Retired porn star and local folk artist Richard Rhea lives in a twilight-zone in which he can’t get pizza delivered to his home.
The Dickinson resident reported to police on November 10th that he had tried to order pizza from the League City Dominos, only to be told that he would have to call the Bacliff location, since he lives south of FM 517.
The manager of the Bacliff location informed Rhea that they do not deliver anywhere west of Highway 3, and that Rhea should try the Alvin location.  The employee who answered in Alvin said that his store does not deliver to Dickinson, and recommended Rhea contact the Texas City or Santa Fe stores.
Both of those locations also told Mr. Rhea they could not serve him.
When Richard asked the manager of the Texas City location what he ought to do, the manager reportedly told him to “Go!”
“Go where?” he asked.
“Go fuck yourself!” the manager yelled, then hung up the phone. At that point, Rhea called and reported it to the police.
A total of seven Dominos employees were arrested, charged with failing to render aid, a misdemeanor offense carrying no more than twenty years of state prison time.
Rhea was later able to get pizza delivery from another local restaurant.

Village Seafood of Dickinson finally came to Rhea's rescue, sending over this Super Deluxe, just in time for the Texans game.


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