Environmentalist Wackos Blockade Keytone Pipeline Offices

HOUSTON: Over 100 blockaders stormed the lobby of the TransCanada Keystone XL office in Houston on January 7th. Protesters danced, spilled black ‘tar sands’ balloons and hung neon orange hazard tape to highlight what they say are the deadly effects of TransCanada’s corporate greed on communities and ecosystems. Houston police arrested two of the protesters, but did not say what charges they were being held on.

Protesters want to stop the Tar Sands pipeline, which will move crude oil between Canada and Texas.

The group responsible for the demonstration is the Tar Sands Blockade, a coalition of Texas and Oklahoma landowners and environmentalists using “peaceful and sustained civil disobedience” to stop the construction of TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline.
Alec Johnson, one of the office blockaders, said “Tar sands oil spilling into our waterways and the millions of tons of carbon pollution spilling into the atmosphere means that this industry’s days are numbered.”
Perhaps. But then again, if the pipeline is not built, the oil will still be sent to refineries. This will be done using big diesel trucks. Chances are, the amount of carbon pollution and spillage will be a whole lot greater.
C’mon Alec, think this through… Maybe the pipeline will actually reduce pollution.

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